Drinking & Dining

At Hotel Hidden Kingdom Pokhara, our commitment to providing a remarkable dining and drinking experience is as profound as our dedication to ensuring your overall stay is exceptional. Our on-site restaurant offers a captivating blend of Nepali and international cuisine, prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Whether you choose to indulge in traditional Nepali momo or savor familiar international classics, our menu is designed to cater to diverse palates.

Moreover, the restaurant's ambiance is equally enticing, with sweeping views of the awe-inspiring Annapurna mountain range or the tranquil Phewa Lake serving as a backdrop to your culinary journey. For those seeking a more intimate setting, our bar and lounge provide the perfect space to unwind with a carefully crafted cocktail, fine wine, or your preferred beverage. At Hotel Hidden Kingdom Pokhara, we invite you to savor every moment, sip, and bite as an integral part of your memorable stay in this picturesque haven.

Bar & Cocktails

In the heart of Hotel Hidden Kingdom Pokhara, our Bar & Cocktails lounge offers a haven of relaxation and indulgence. Whether you're unwinding after a day of exploration or seeking a vibrant atmosphere to socialize with fellow travelers, our bar is the perfect setting. Our expert mixologists craft an array of tantalizing cocktails, from classic favorites to unique concoctions inspired by the flavors of Nepal. Sip your drink of choice while soaking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding Annapurna mountain range or the tranquil Phewa Lake. With a carefully curated selection of spirits, wines, and beers, our bar caters to a wide range of tastes, ensuring that every moment spent here is a delightful escape. Join us for an unforgettable evening of relaxation and camaraderie at Hotel Hidden Kingdom Pokhara's Bar & Cocktails lounge.

Meetings & Events Hall

At Hotel Hidden Kingdom Pokhara, we understand the importance of seamless meetings and memorable events. Our Meetings & Events Hall is designed to cater to your diverse needs, from corporate gatherings to social celebrations. With versatile and well-appointed spaces, we provide the ideal backdrop for productive meetings, conferences, seminars, and special occasions. Our attentive staff is dedicated to ensuring every detail is executed flawlessly, from audiovisual equipment to catering services tailored to your preferences. Whether you're planning a business presentation with a mountain view, a dream wedding overlooking Phewa Lake, or a social gathering infused with local culture, our Meetings & Events Hall is the perfect venue. Let us transform your vision into a reality, making your event at Hotel Hidden Kingdom Pokhara truly exceptional.